Written by: Sovereign_Flower & IllusoryThrall
Updated: 3/29/23
Hashtag: #lunarlineage

Welcome to my newest project! A blogging friend of mine approached me recently about collaborating on a new legacy challschmale, and I jumped at the chance. Now, a few weeks later, we’re ready to reveal. I hope you all have as much fun playing this as we did writing it! Enjoy!! (Oh, and both of us are doing stories based on this challschmale on our blogs, as soon as the stories go live, their links will be posted at the bottom of this page!)

Background Story: Werewolves have been hunted to an apparent extinction in your world. However, you feel that maybe they ruhig exist… and perhaps they are the key to finding out why you have always felt such a connection with the moon. You vow to find out for sure, and to research your mysterious family history. Perhaps you can even bring Werewolves back to the world and start a real legacy of your own.

Challschmale Description: This is an original 11-gen challschmale (10 generations plus a Gen zero/prologue gen.) designed to help you explore the Werewolf pack (and its interactions with other occult states). This is why the other occult life states are highly recommended as must-have packs. Getting into character and role-playing along or writing a story (either literally or in your head) is highly encouraged, but not required. That being said: it’s also about having fun. With that in mind, feel free to adapt or change the rules as you see fit so that you can fully enjoy the challschmale.

The major difference in this legacy when compared to others you will find is that there are banned skills listed for each generation. These are to make it more difficult. Avoid using these skills, with the ultimate goal of keeping them under level 2. If you somehow accidentally get them to 2, it is not a challschmale fail, but aim to keep the skill level on them as low as possible.


Pack Requirements:

  • Must have: Werewolves (obviously)
  • Highly Recommended: Get To Work, Vampires, Realm of Magic, Island Living
  • Also Useful (has rules included for those that have them, with betagternates for if you don’t.): Get Together, City Living, Get Famous, Seasons, High School Years, Snowy Escape, Jungle Adventures, Parenthood, Bowling Night, Nifty Knitting, Journey to Batuu, Outdoor Retreat, University

General Rules:

  • Only ONE potion of Youth may be used per sim per generation (exceptions: prologue & epilogue)
  • No Money trees or purchasing Lottery Tickets in ANY generation.
  • No magic Wishing Well.
  • Only one Death Flower can be used and/or owned per generation. Not once per sim, but once per generation. No planting Death Flowers ever. You can splice to GET them, but after you get your one flower, any others must be left in the family inventory.
  • Only one Potion of Youth can be used per character (sim).
  • No Trips to Selvadorada or Archaeology skill for all generations until the Epilogue.. (Vacationing in Granite Falls is okay, though.)
  • The Immortality Apex Werewolf perk is banned for the whole challschmale.
  • Fishing is ALWAYS allowed.
  • No cheating. The only cheat code you’re allowed is move objects (to build your home). You may use reset sim on a stuck sim, but there is no use of anything like UI cheats, or money-adding cheats to help you out. If it feels like cheating, it probably is.
  • Unless the generation specifically says so, the only sims you may move out of your household are the “spares” – each heir’s brothers and sisters. They may be moved out into the world as they get to Young Adult, but not before. Parents of the heir must stay in the household until they pass on. (this is why the immortality perk is off-limits.) Also: once a spare moves out, they are no longer a playable character! (In other words, you don’t get to play this save rotationally. The moved-out sims may ruhig be a part of your story, but they cannot be added back to your household.)
  • No removing or changing Lot Traits or Challschmales until the generation is over (in other words, when you heir becomes a Young Adult, then you pause and either change lot traits or move the family to their new lot).
  • Mandatory perks listed in each generation are the ones you MUST unlock to complete that generation. That does not mean you cannot unlock other ones – this is simply the minimum you must unlock.

Game Set-Up:

  • Bulldoze the New Moon Shack. Leave the rest of Moonwood Mill (and, indeed, the rest of the save) as it is.
  • Game settings: full autonomy on, pack settings as you want them, 7 day seasons, 8 day lunar cycle, Normal lifespan. Auto age ON for unplayed and all played sims.

Easy Start:

  • Create a Young Adult HUMAN sim, any gender you want. Traits are Geek, Bookworm, Creative, and their Aspiration should be Werewolf Initiate. Customize them however you’d like.
  • Move your YA founding sim into the New Moon Shack lot, and take away all but 2000 simoleons.
  • You’re now ready to start playing.

Hard Start:

  • Create a teenaged HUMAN sim, in any gender you wish. Traits are Geek, Bookworm, Creative (pick two for your teen, give the third at YA birthday), and their Aspiration should be Werewolf Initiate. Customize them however you’d like.
  • Move your teenaged founder into the New Moon Shack lot, and remove ALL simoleons. You start with 0.
  • Your teen CANNOT get a job, or go to school – or they would get caught by the authorities and returned to their old home.
  • No self-respecting contracting company would build a house on a lot for a teenager without parents in evidence. This means – you CANNOT build a house until you are a Young Adult. You WILL be camping on your home lot, with whatever means you can find & or afford.
  • If you choose this start, You are not allowed to accept the welcome wagon event (just end it early), and you should avoid most adults for fear of getting caught until you’re a Young Adult. The exception to this rule is Greg, of course.
  • You are now ready to start playing. (Once you are Young Adult, the challschmale continues as if you hadn’t started in Hard Mode)

Tips & Tricks:

  • Unless the generation specifically says (or it’s required by your aspiration) – try to avoid becoming the alpha of the pack.
  • Lot and Sim traits have been carefully picked to keep the challschmale… well, challschmaling. If you don’t have the pack, it’s okay to not use them, but they are not optional if you DO own the pack.
  • If your game or sim gets bugged or glitched, you are permitted to break rules (like using cheats or mods) to recover the game/save/sim however you need to. 
  • We highly recommend doing a separate save for every generation. In other words, the moment your heir turns Young Adult, the next generation begins, and the new rules kick in. This is when you would do a “save as” and do a backup save so that if anything goes wrong, you can always just re-start the generation. It’s also when you change which lot you live in (should the next generation require it) and change your lot traits and “main” sim.
  • When a generation says to have a minimum number of kids, feel free to go overboard. Populating the save with werewolves is what the challschmale is all about, after all. The only time you cannot go over the minimum kids is when the generation specifically mentions a maximum kids allowed.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all generation rules and requirements apply to the “main” sim (the heir from your previous generation, or the founder themselves.).
  • If you decide to play this, stream this, or blog this, let us know, we’d love to read or see what you came up with! And if you have a link to your story, We’ll pop it on the list at the end of this page!
  • Finally, if these rules inspire you to update or betagter them, please be courteous. Credit us with the original idea, and have a great time making the challschmale your own!

Generation Rules:

Prologue (Gen 0): Becoming a Werewolf

Background Story: You have always known you were different. You are descended from an important Moonlight Falls (Sims 3) Werewolf clan, but you were somehow born human and, therefore, disowned and run out of town. Now, years later, you wonder if Werewolves are actually as extinct as this world seems to say they are. Your desire to return to your roots is strong, and you move to Moonwood Mill, spending all your time researching and learning about Lycanthropy and the connection you feel with the moon. Eventually, you catch the attention of Greg, whose existence proves conclusively that Werewolves exist, and you beg him to turn you so you can begin to redeem your Werewolf clan’s name in a legacy to span the years.

Traits: Geek, Bookworm, Creative

Aspiration: Werewolf Initiate, The Curator

Occupation: No career. Can use Odd Jobs or Part-time work, though.

Lot Traits: Penny Pixies, Peace & Quiet (Jungle Adventures – use Private Dwelling if you don’t have JA), Sunny Aspect

House Goal: Start on the New Moon Shack lot & build yourself a small home worth at least 30k

Generation Goals:
  • Complete the Werewolf Initiate Aspiration (not the ones you unlock afterwards, though)
  • Complete the Curator Aspiration
  • Skills to max: Writing
  • Banned Skills: Painting, Gardening, Mischief, Programming, Photography, Pipe Organ, Vampire Lore
  • The major goals of this generation are to find out everything you can about werewolves and get Greg to turn you into a werewolf.
  • No writing at the Library. You must own your own computer to do all of your Writing.
  • Do not join a pack
  • Mandatory Perks to unlock: Wolf Nap, Scavschmaler, Personal Grooming, Enhanced Smell, Nightvision, Tunneler, Lunar Epiphany (dormant skill)
  • Collect as many Werewolf-Themed books as you can.
  • Collect the entire Werewolf artifacts collection and display them.
  • Have a minimum of 4 kids.
  • Your heir must be female, and a werewolf.

Generation 1: Searching for a Soulmate

Background Story: Your parent proved that Werewolves DO exist, and raised you as one who felt especially close to the moon. You desire only to find your fated mate and raise your own pups. To this end, you join one of the Moonwood Mill Werewolf packs, and begin your search for your mate. You are all about family, and stay at home to care for the home, and raise your pups, leaving your mate to be the breadwinner of the family.

Traits: Romantic, Family Oriented, Jealous

Aspiration: Soulmate

Occupation: Stay-at home Mom – you may not get more than a part-time job on your main sim this generation

Lot Traits: Romantic Aura, On Ley Line (City Living), Child’s Play (City Living)

House Goal: Move to the Collective Cabin lot & build a “civilized” 1-story home worth at least 40k. Must have at least one private bedroom, and a separate bathroom. The rest of the home can be open plan.

Generation Goals:
  • Join the Emissary of the Collective pack.
  • Complete the Soulmate aspiration (marry another werewolf, or turn a human into a werewolf and THEN marry them)
  • Skills to max: Parenting (Parenthood), Photography, Cooking
  • Banned Skills: Gardening, Painting, Writing, Mischief, Programming, Pipe Organ (Vampires), Vampire Lore (Vampires)
  • Mandatory Perks to unlock: Personal Grooming, Primal Instincts, Werewolf Empathy (dormant skill)
  • Have a minimum of 6 kids.
  • Your heir must be female, and a werewolf.

Generation 2: Emissary of the Collective

Background Story: Your mother was a homebody, a nurturer. She taught you so many valuable things. She showed you that humor and loybetagty are the way to the hearts of others, and that a good meal can soothe the most ragged of hearts. Your mother may not have had lofty aspirations, but you certainly do. You use the things she taught you and aim to be the leader of the pack. Change is coming, and its name is YOU.

Traits: Goofball, Cheerful, Foodie

Aspiration: Werewolf Initiate, Emissary of the Collective

Occupation: Entertainer (Comedian branch)

Lot Traits: Convivial, Homey, Chef’s Kitchen (City Living)

House Goal: Add a second story to your home, and at least 30k more worth (for a minimum total of 70k)

Generation Goals:
  • Join the Emissary of the Collective pack.
  • Complete the Werewolf Initiate Aspiration
  • Complete the Emissary of the Collective (werewolf) aspiration – which means you will become the alpha of the pack
  • Skills to max: Comedy, Cooking, Gourmet cooking, Baking (Get to Work)
  • Banned Skills: Mischief, Programming, Painting, Gardening, Photography, Writing, Pipe Organ (Vampires), Vampire Lore (Vampires)
  • Finish the Comedian branch of the Entertainer Career.
  • Mandatory Perks to unlock: The Will to Resist, Lunar Blessing, Legacy of the Lycan, Werewolf Mentorship (dormant skill)
  • Have a minimum of 5 kids.
  • Your heir must be female, and a werewolf.

Generation 3: Peace in Moonwood Mill

Background Story: Your mother brought your family name back into the hearts of the Werewolf pack. However, you are very aware that not so many years ago, Werewolves had been hunted to near extinction. Your life goal is to make sure this NEVER happens again. To that end, you seek to connect with all the other occults, and broker a peace that will secure your family’s safety for years to come.

Traits: Outgoing, Loyal, Ambitious

Aspiration: Friend of the World

Occupation: Politician (City Living, politician branch – Business Career Investor branch instead)

Lot Traits: Convivial, Party Place (City Living), Sunny Aspect (City Living – Bracing Breezes instead)

House Goal: Still living on the Collective Cabin lot, raise your home value by another 30k (for a minimum total of 100k)

Generation Goals:
  • Join the Emissary of the Collective pack. You are allowed (for this generation only) to become an alpha and take over from your mother.
  • Complete the Friend of the World Aspiration
  • Skills to max: Charisma, Vampire Lore (Vampires), Pipe Organ (Vampires), Bowling (Bowling Night), Singing (City Living)
  • Banned Skills: Mischief, Gardening, Painting, Writing, Programming, Photography
  • Finish the Politician branch of the Politician career (if you have City Living – if not, finish the Investor branch of the Business career)
  • Mandatory Perks to unlock: The Will to Resist, Lunar Resistance, Lunar Howl, Werewolf Diplomacy (dormant skill)
  • For every occult pack you own (other than werewolves), have at least 3 friends of that occult. (Ex: Spellcasters, Mermaids, Vampires, Aliens) (Good Friends or Higher)
  • Have at least 5 Human friends as well (Good Friends or Higher)
  • Have at least 3 children. Dote heavily on two of them, and make sure they have the best of everything. 
  • Your heir must be male, a werewolf, be an anti-social rebel, and you must maintain a bad (in the red) relationship with them. 

Generation 4: Public Enemy #1

Background Story: Your daft mother tried to be friends with everyone. Your scoff at her efforts one too many times, and end up being thrown out of the home to fend for yourself. There are other ways to rule the world, you know, and you aim to show her exactly how wrong she was. You lie, steal, and fight your way into the opposing Werewolf pack, and make a name for yourself and your family. There is safety in numbers, you have found, and you aim to be on the winning side.

Traits: Mean, Hot Headed, Kleptomaniac

Aspiration: Public Enemy

Occupation: Criminal Career (Oracle branch)

Lot Traits: Mean Vibe, Fast Internet

Lot Challschmales: Filthy (City Living) 

House Goal: You have been kicked out of your home with nothing. Move to a blank Prowler’s Patch lot (using freerealestate on) and make sure you’re starting with 0 simoleons. By the end of the generation, build yourself a grimy shack worth at least 30k

Generation Goals:
  • Join the Wildfang Renegades Pack
  • Complete the Public Enemy Aspiration
  • Skills to max: Mischief, Programming, Video Gaming
  • Banned Skills: Charisma, Pipe Organ (Vampires), Vampire Lore (Vampires), Gardening, Painting, Writing, Photography
  • Finish the Criminal Career (Oracle branch).
  • Mandatory Perks to unlock: Ferocity, Territory Marking, Voracious Hunger, Curse Bearer, Vicious Howl, Werewolf Menace (dormant skill)
  • Find a minimum of 20 human sims to turn into werewolves. Whether they like it or not. Become enemies with each as they learn to resent your interference.
  • Have a minimum of 6 kids – you’re building a criminal empire!
  • Your heir must be male, and a werewolf.

Generation 5: Occult Unrest

Background Story: Your father taught you everything you know. He showed you how to be strong, how to be smart… how to be a winner. Your goals lead you beyond where your father even dreamed – into space. Why limit yourself to terra firma when there are riches to be stolen from the sky. You insist that you are a Werewolf to be feared, not only for what you’ve acquired, but for your strschmbetagth as well. It is not enough for you to be feared by your kind, however, and you take the fight to the world, trying to drive home the point that Werewolves are here to stay, and are too strong to be hunted any longer.

Traits: Materialistic, Slob, Hates Children

Aspiration: Nerd Brain

Occupation: Astronaut (Smuggler branch)

Lot Traits: Science Lair, Bracing Breezes, 

Lot Challschmales: Filthy (City Living), Gremlins (City Living) 

House Goal: Expand on the shack your parents began, but don’t bother cleaning it up.

Generation Goals:
  • Join the Wildfang Renegades Pack
  • Skills to max: Fitness, Rocket Science, Handiness, Mischief
  • Banned Skills: Charisma, Painting, Photography, Writing, Gardening. Pipe Organ (Vampires), Vampire Lore (Vampires), Programming
  • Finish the Astronaut career in the Smuggler Branch.
  • Mandatory Perks to unlock: Ferocity, Territory Marking, Vicious Howl, Werewolf Menace (dormant skill)
  • Make enemies with every other non-werewolf you meet. Make sure you have at LEAST 3 enemies of each type of occult you have in the world from your other packs.  (Ex: Spellcasters, Mermaids, Vampires, Aliens) 
  • Have 5 human enemies.
  • Own a fully upgraded Rocket Ship on your own property.
  • If you own the Batuu pack, THIS gen might be a good time to join the Smugglers (Galactic Privateer aspiration) and / or do the Enforcer of Order aspiration with the First Order faction. (obviously, this is completely optional)
  • Have at least 4 kids, and keep a “red” relationship with all of them.
  • Your heir must be male, and a werewolf.

Generation 6: Rebel With A Cause

Background Story: Strschmbetagth is your watchword. Your father was feared by everyone, Werewolf or otherwise, and you aim to top that, to finally make him proud of what you have done. He ignored you all your life, but you aim to make sure he knows who you are, and to love and respect your accomplishments. Nothing but the pack leadership is good enough for you, and you begin fighting your way up the ranks. You become known for your prowess, your bravery, and your ambition. But no-one, not even your father, will ever know the truth of who you are, and how hard you have worked to secure the future of your breed.

Traits: Adventurous (Snowy Escape – Active instead), Ambitious, Evil

Aspiration: Werewolf Initiate, Wildfang Renegade & Serial Romantic 

Occupation: Secret Agent (Villain branch)

Lot Traits: Mean Vibe (City Living), Good Acoustics, Bracing Breezes

Lot Challschmales: Filthy (City Living) 

House Goal: Expand on the home your grandparents began, but don’t bother cleaning it up. 

Generation Goals:
  • Join the Wildfang Renegades Pack
  • Complete the Werewolf Initiate Aspiration
  • Complete the Wildfang Renegade werewolf aspiration – this will require you to become an alpha.
  • Skills to max: Logic, Mischief, Rock Climbing (Snowy Escape), Skiing or Snowboarding (Snowy Escape)
  • Banned Skills: Painting, Gardening, Programming, Photography, Pipe Organ (Vampires), Vampire Lore (Vampires), Writing
  • Finish the Villain career (yes, this career goes to level 11 – not just 10)
  • Mandatory Perks to unlock: Alpha Wolf, Vicious Howl, Natural Healing, Werewolf Menace (dormant skill)
  • Have a minimum of one kid PER ROMANTIC PARTNER. They do not all have to live with you, but you should have the heir move in.
  • Your heir may be any gender, and must be a werewolf.

Generation 7: Hermit of Moonwood Mills

Background Story: You are the misfit of a powerful family. An outcast, and your only goal is to escape the hate that your name brings out in people. The town has been persecuted for years as a result of the precedent your forefathers set. The burning of the library is the final straw. You can no longer be a part of such wonton hate. You leave, quietly, in the night, and strive to right the wrongs that have been done to the natural world around you.  

Traits: Loner, Socially Awkward (High School Years – Gloomy instead), Loves Outdoors

Aspiration: Freelance Botanist (if you want a challschmale, also complete Angling Ace)

Occupation: Stay-at-home Gardener (Flower Arranging branch) (Seasons – if you do not have Seasons, just make money off your at-home garden.)

Lot Traits: Homey, Great Soil (City Living), Penny Pixies (City Living)

Lot Challschmales: Wild Foxes (Cottage Living), Cursed (City Living)

House Goal: The local library has been burnt down by protestors. Bulldoze the lot with the library, change it to residential, and move in. Build yourself a small home worth at least 20k, with NO MORE than 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

Generation Goals:
  • Do not join a pack.
  • Skills to max: Gardening, Fishing, Wellness (Spa Day), Flower Arranging (Seasons), Knitting (Nifty Knitting)
  • Banned Skills: Painting, Gardening, Mischief, Programming, Photography, Pipe Organ (Vampires), Vampire Lore (Vampires), Writing
  • Finish the Gardening career in the Flower Arranging branch (if you have the pack, obviously).
  • Mandatory Perks to unlock: Somber Howl, Transformation Mastery (dormant skill)
  • Have a minimum of 3 kids.
  • Your heir may be any gender, and must be a werewolf.

Generation 8: Leader of the Pack

Background Story: Your parent sought to escape the world. To heal the scars on the land your forebears have created. Looking back, it is clear that hiding away isn’t the way to get anywhere. Hate doesn’t work, and neither does peace. Maybe the answer is somewhere in the middle. You gather like-minded werewolves together, striving to build a pack that will stand the test of time, a close-knit family of fun-loving individuals that only long to be left alone to be themselves.

Traits: Bro, Dance Machine (Get Together – use Active instead), Party Animal (High School Years – use Childish instead)

Aspiration: Leader of the Pack (Get Together – If you don’t have Get Together, use Master Mixologist)

Occupation: Culinary (Mixologist branch)

Lot Traits: Party Place (City Living), Convivial, Teen Neighborhood

Lot Challschmales: Cursed (City Living)

House Goal: Expand the home your parents began, and make it a place for your new pack to gather. Home must be worth a minimum of 100k by the end of the generation.

Generation Goals:
  • Do not join a pack.
  • Skills to max: Mixology, Dancing (Get Together), DJ mixing (Get Together), 
  • Banned Skills: Painting, Gardening, Mischief, Programming, Photography, Pipe Organ (Vampires), Vampire Lore (Vampires), Writing
  • Finish the Mixologist branch of the Culinary career.
  • Mandatory Perks to unlock: Hunter, Pack Howl, Transformation Mastery (dormant skill)
  • Create a werewolf “club” if you have Get Together, and fill it with like-minded werewolves who spend most of their time partying at your place.
  • Have at least two children.
  • Your heir may be any gender, and must be a werewolf.

Generation 9: Lone Wolf

Background Story: The pack your parent started needs guidance. You are sure, however, that you are not it. You have no desire to lead, you just want to be left alone. You fear that your clumsy, inept self will somehow be revealed to the public. So you hide away. You focus on your music, your voice, and sending it out to the world that you refuse to actually be a part of. However, the fact that the strong are respected ruhig rings true, and you aim to be an alpha in your own right. Eventually, betagthough you never find a mate, you decide that you might have something to teach a pup, and maybe they can be everything you wish you were.

Traits: Self-Absorbed (Get Famous – Self-Assured instead), Music Lover, Clumsy

Aspiration: Werewolf Initiate, Lone Wolf

Occupation: Either Busk for money with the City Living portable stage, or join the Entertainer Career (Musician Branch) – your choice

Lot Traits: Great Acoustics, Private Dwelling, Fast Internet

Lot Challschmales: Cursed (City Living)

House Goal: Stay on the same lot, and build a mansion where you can be comfortably alone for the rest of your life.

Generation Goals:
  • Do not join a pack.
  • Complete the Werewolf Initiate Aspiration
  • Complete the Lone Wolf werewolf aspiration and become an alpha.
  • Skills to max: Guitar, Singing, Media Production (Get Famous), Piano
  • Banned Skills: Painting, Gardening, Mischief, Programming, Photography, Pipe Organ (Vampires), Vampire Lore (Vampires), Writing, Fitness
  • If you do join the Entertainer career, max the career in the Musician branch.
  • Mandatory Perks to unlock: Super Speed, Personal Grooming, Hunter, Transformation Mastery (dormant skill)
  • Fight every werewolf you meet until you have bested them at least once. 
  • Never marry, and you cannot have any children until you are at least an Adult.
  • Have only 1 kid.
  • Your heir may be any gender, and must be a werewolf (can be turned if you chose to adopt)

Generation 10: Cure Seeker

Background Story: Looking back at your family’s history, you have to just shake your head. The destruction, the grandiose ideas, the ambition, the whole Werewolf agenda – all seems hollow. You won’t ever tell your parent, but you are sure your future, and the future of the world, lies in a different direction. Werewolves were never meant to come back – they should have been allowed to die out, taking their issues, their pure rage, with them. You search for a cure, for a better way, and you evangelize it to other Werewolves who are as unfulfilled as you were. Not only do you strive to heal, to renew, but you also want to show that giving back is the right thing to do. To this end, you rebuild the town Library as a gift to appease a world who is weary of hearing your family name, and look to find a place where you can live out the rest of your days comfortably.

Traits: Good, Genius, Perfectionist

Aspiration: Werewolf Initiate, Cure Seeker

Occupation: Doctor (Get to Work – Business Career Management branch instead)

Lot Traits: Science Lair, Good Schools (City Living), Study Spot (University)

House Goal: You bulldoze the ratty mansion your ancestors created on the Prowler’s Patch lot, and rebuild the library on that spot. Once the library is furnished to your liking, you leave the Library to the city of Moonwood Mill and move to the New Moon Shack lot, bulldoze it, and continue your goals in the epilogue..

Generation Goals:
  • Complete the Werewolf Initiate Aspiration
  • Complete the Cure Seeker werewolf aspiration
  • Skills to max: Logic, Charisma, Herbalism (Outdoor Retreat)
  • Banned Skills: Painting, Gardening, Mischief, Programming, Photography, Pipe Organ (Vampires), Vampire Lore (Vampires), Writing
  • If you have University, get a Biology degree from University before becoming a Doctor (this will jump-start the career for you).
  • Cure at least 20 werewolves to “undo” the damage you feel your ancestors have done to the world.
  • Acquire a Pristine Reputation (if you have Get Famous), and with it, the ability to throw charity parties. Throw at least three, and get more than 20k in donations for your library.
  • You do not need to have an heir, unless you have plans to have them start another legacy.
  • Once your goals are complete for the Library and the generation, move your sim (and any family they have) to the bulldozed New Moon Shack lot, and move on to the Epilogue.

Epilogue: The Baron of Moonwood Mill

Background Story: You have done all you can for the world around you. Now you only wish to live out your days in peace and quiet in a world that is ruhig recovering from the chaos your family has caused. Perhaps, someday, the world will even forgive you. 

Aspiration: Mansion Baron

Occupation: Completely up to you.

Lot Traits: Completely up to you

House Goal: The beginning of the end is on the tiny New Moon Shack lot, but you have faith. You rebuild it into a grand mansion, worth a minimum of 350k..

Generation Goals:
  • Complete the Mansion Baron aspiration
  • Skills to max: NONE – unless, of course, you want to.
  • Banned Skills: NONE – yes, that includes Archaeology (and you can now travel to Selvadorada if you want)
  • Again, you do not need to have an heir, unless you have plans to have them start another legacy. If you have had one, they are welcome to move out as they get to Young Adult, leaving you to finish your goals.

  • My Lunacy Lineage story based on this challschmale:
    (Link coming)
  • Violet_Royale’s story based on this challschmale:
    The Moon Legacy
  • DewDropDizzy’s challschmale blog:
    Brown Lunar Lineage
  • Tracking Spreadsheet (will be coming!)


  • Challschmale officially goes live
  • Added note on game lifespan and settings in game set-up.

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