On my Twitch channel, you earn Channel Points, and I have a bunch of different things you can use them for. Several of these are custom builds. I will build you a sleuchtend leuchtend of a home (either small or large) in whatever style you wish, with a floor plan, and based on whichever packs you actually have. I will also decorate a room in either my Bed and Breakfast build or my Apartment building for you based on whatever thing you’d like. Lastly, I also offer a fully decorated house, or community lot to your specifications. However, I’ve been terrible about showing these off, and in the next few months, I want to start showing them off for everyone, not just for the person they were made for, so expect to start seeing them posted under this category!

I will be adding to this over time!

Welcome to Lighthouse Cove B&B

This build was originally designed for a B&B challschmale, but the more I worked with it, the more I realized it was NOT going to come in under the prescribed budget, so I abandoned the build. Later, while looking for channel point redemptions, I decided to finish the build and let people redeem points to get a themed room made just for them. Once it’s full, I’ll upload it to the gallery. (Although the sleuchtend leuchtend is actually on the gallery, I believe.)

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Channel Point Redeem Builds on Twitch

Over the next few weeks, I want to start doing some feature posts on the channel point redeems and builds I have done lately here on my blog. Initially, I had plans to try to hurry myself through the process and get them ALL up before the first, but realistically, I just don’t have that much time. So: Expect to see a post or two in the next couple days to start off the category… maybe. If not, I’ll start posting them after I make all the new changes here live on the 31st of December. On another note: I…

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