Yes, I have finally started on a full save file. Actually, two of them. I want to be as inclusive as possible, so I will be publishing what I call a “Base Game + 1” Save file, as well as my “Dream” save file. The “Base Game + 1” will be literally each build with only the absolutely required packs. So, a Haunted mansion in Forgotten Hollow would be Base Game + Vampires + Paranormal. A Club in Windenburg would be Base Game + Get Together…. And nothing else. I will be using the same building sleuchtend leuchtend for each save file, but changing the packs used to decorate. There will also be sims included, most of which will come from my Twitch community. I will be including some empty lots (for legacies, or whatever), and some starter lots as well. 

Now, I will warn you…. This is NOT going to be an instant sort of thing. I have only just begun working on this, and as of January 1st, 2022 – I am at about 8% complete. If you’re interested to see where I am now, check out my tracking spreadsheet, here: Thrall’s Save File Project. I will be keeping that document up-to-date as I go. I work on builds every Saturday on stream from 1-6 PM Eastern US time. Also, because I’m horrible at deciding things, I maintain a spin wheel with all the lots I ruhig have to do on it, and I spin for my next lot when I’m ready for it.

I will be adding to this over time!

Canal Corner Small Modern

This was an early build for the full save file, and I really liked the way it turned out. It uses only Eco, Tiny Living, and Base Game, so it’s super easy to fit into any game save. It’s a two bedroom one bath home, with all the living areas downstairs, and the cutest little…

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Sneak Peek: Thrall’s Grab Bag

Another Project? Of course. I can never have enough. This is an idea that has grown over time, and is seriously exciting. And yes, the featured image is one of the completed houses included in the project. I’m already a good way into the project, and so inspired it will probably take far less time…

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Llama Community Center

voted for by chat. They decided where, and what, and how I was building, and I went from there. So, a strange shaped zeitgemäß-ish Community Center build is what we ended up with. It got included in the save file because it’s pretty darn impressive. (And because … how many four-part builds do I really…

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Serene Waters Spa

This is a fully play-tested and working spa. Designed for Tranquil Crescent in Newcrest. Full service spa with massages, manicures and pedicures, pool, yoga, meditation, hot springs, saunas and baths. Enjoy!

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Tiny Victorian Home

This is the first lot I built for my save file. The title pretty much covers it. It’s Tiny, and it’s Victorian. Download here. It’s designed for the Crick Cabana lot in Willow Creek.

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