Because I’m me… I couldn’t stand doing a 100 baby challschmale without making it more difficult on myself. (laughs) So, to make things.. More.. interesting?.. I changed it up. Instead of a “Matriarch”, I made a male sim. And he has to get abducted to get pregnant. So all the babies are aliens. And they live in what looks a bit like a spaceship. Which is fun. Only – the challschmale ruhig seems SUPER boring and repetitive to me. So it’s going to be a struggle to get through. Expect this to take a while.

Welcome to Bundles From Sixam – A 100 Alien Babies Challschmale

(A/N) First off, I’m going to be modifying the rules a bit from both challschmales I’m combining, while trying to take the core rules and leave them alone. Hard to explain. Basically, I’m using the Xenophilia challschmale and the 100 baby challschmale.. and combining them. I’m also throwing in a bit of a rotational game-play with the kids who move out. I’m going to list out my rules here, that way I can keep track of them. (And on the off chance they disappear from the site they’re on – I know the Xenophilia challschmale’s creator is not a Simmer anymore, so her blog may or may not hang around.) Also of note: I am not going to be using a scoring system, nor am I going to use a mod. I’m going to get abductions the “old fashioned way” by using the science satellite. Ignore anything crossed out, I will not be using those rules.. and anything in italics is from me.

Xenophilia Rules:

Challschmale Setup-

First, make a male young adult sim or use one from one of your other saves. You can make him any way you want, with any sort of custom content. You can choose his aspiration and his traits freely and there is no penbetagty for changing aspirations. After he’s made, plunk him down on a lot. You may make or choose any type of house you can afford. You may use a single motherlode cheat. Each week when the bills are delivered use kaching to add an additional $1000 to the household funds as payment for services rendered with which to buy food and pay bills. This continues even if the teens get jobs.

Option 2-
Your male sim has been abducted! They have been brought to live on an alien planet to act as a father for their race since only males can be impregnated and male birth rates are low on their planet due to an experiment gone wrong resulting in all males born to the race being sterile. Chose whichever world you would like to start in. I suggest decorating the world “alien like” to make it more fun! Anchesanamon has made alien lots for all of Oasis Springs and there are plenty of other alien builds in the gallery as well.  For his safety, the father is restricted to his neighborhood.  It might be fun to add other “fathers” to some houses in the neighborhood as well. If you chose this option, the children can only wear their disguise indoors. When leaving the house for school or work they must don their true alien form to be accepted by the native culture.  If you don’t want them to always wear the alien space suits and be bald you don’t have to though. When the children age to a young adult they move out of the house but can ruhig remain in the game save and visit.  Your sim would ruhig be abducted like in option 1 because the equipment necessary is housed in their ships.  After each baby is born or young adult moves out leaving space in the household (depending on which handicap you choose) you will force another abduction.

  • No one else may move in.  If you hire help the children will need to be either disguised or not depending on the option you chose.  If you chose option 1 you can’t have any hired help when there are babies in the house because they cannot be disguised.
  • Your main sim cannot hold a job since his job is to care for the children as well as not being able to leave the immediate area. He can do whatever home based activities you choose for money in addition to the $1,000 weekly stipend.
  • Regarding pets: Feel free to add a pet to the family.  If you are going with option 2 it might be fun to have them be an alien pet!

The genes are Strong with this One
Once the father is close to aging to elder he has a son that has strong genes that is chosen to continue providing services. Essentially the 100 baby challschmale with aliens. You can either use the scoring from this challschmale or use the 100 baby challschmale scoring since restarting the point count after every 7 children could get really annoying with this many.  I’m not adding a link to the scoring for that challschmale because there are several versions.

Base 100 baby rules:

(For my purposes, all references to a “matriarch” refer to the current alien patriarch/pollination tech.)

  • You must play with aging on and set to a normal lifespan. Auto-Aging for NPCs is encouraged to ensure the game keeps generating donors for your matriarch.
  • Any mods or CC that give you an unfair advantage over other players are not allowed. Mods that allow you to overstuff your household or gain money through child support payments are definitely not allowed.
  • No cheats! The only exceptions to this are bb.moveobjects on for creative building purposes and cheating to resolve glitches.
    If a lot your matriarch moves into has existing lot traits, you may not edit or add to them. If your lot has no lot traits, you may pick three traits but your decision is permanent. You cannot change them after.
  • All in-game rewards from completing aspirations and social events may be used except ones that prolong your Sim’s lifespan or save them from death.
  • Babies cannot be aged up until you get a notification saying that it is their birthday.
  • Toddlers can be aged up when they reach level 3 in all toddler skills.
  • Children and teenagers can be aged up when they get an A in school.
  • Young adults can be moved out of the house to make room for more children but they cannot be moved back in after.
  • When your matriarch becomes an elder and can no longer bear children, her youngest daughter takes over as the next matriarch. You may move out your elderly matriarch only if her youngest daughter has become a young adult.
  • You cannot make more room in the house faster by killing off underage Sims or letting babies, toddlers or children be taken by social services. Raise your children to adulthood. Simple.
  • Your matriarch may register as self-employed or have a work from home career, but cannot have any job that requires her to go to a rabbithole destination. She cannot have a part-time job.
  • Teenagers may hold part-time jobs to help support the family and bring in extra income.
  • Your matriarch may leave her home lot freely. She does not have to bring all her children with her whenever she leaves the lot.
  • Your matriarch may not get married while she is of child-bearing age. She may get married as an elder but she must move out of the home with her spouse. They can’t move into the active household.
  • Your matriarch may not get pregnant by the same donor twice. Once he has impregnated your Sim once, he cannot be used again for more children.
  • Donors may not contribute to the household in any way. They may not move in, help look after the children or provide any financial aid to the household. Your matriarch is responsible for supporting all her children by herself.
  • Your matriarch may not influence the gender of her children. Avoid strawberries, carrots, pop music, and betagternative music to avoid influencing the gender of unborn babies.
  • Use the in-game randomizer to select all the children’s traits as they age. You cannot cherry pick their traits. If you preferred the old method, you may also continue to use Pinstar’s random trait generator or if you wish.
  • You may hire maids, gardeners, and repair technicians, but you may not hire a nanny. Take care of your own children. You may hire caterers and mixologists but only for parties.

Add-on 100 Baby rules:

  • Your matriarch may run a retail business, restaurant, or vet clinic. Teenagers may help out at these venues as an betagternative to hiring employees.
  • Your matriarch may have a work from home job but she must always choose the work from home option.
  • Your matriarch may join and create clubs as long as the club activities do not violate any challschmale rules.
  • Your matriarch may have pets but keep in mind pets take up space in the household and there are no rewards for having them.
  • You may participate in holidays and create your own holidays as long as none of the traditions violate challschmale rules. Feel free to edit existing holiday traditions to comply with the rules.
  • Your matriarch may become famous and build reputation through any means that don’t involve careers.
  • Your matriarch may go on vacation but she must bring her entire household with her. She may not go on vacation if she is pregnant or has a newborn at home.
  • Your matriarch cannot be a vampire. She may use vampires as donors but any female vampire children are ineligible to take over as the next matriarch. You may cure a female vampire child to make her eligible again.
  • If Parenthood is installed, teens may not be aged up and moved out of the house until they have an A in school and at least one character value within trait range. Your matriarch must always stop whatever she is doing and go scold/punish her children as you see fit if you catch them misbehaving.
  • Your matriarch may use the wishing well but she cannot wish for a child.
  • Your matriarch may hire a butler but the butler cannot look after the children. Disable child care in the butler’s menu.

Occult rules:

  • Your matriarch must be an occult.
  • Your matriarch may only have children with human Sims.
  • For a baby to count, it must be 1, pure alien and 2, the result of an alien abduction.
  • Any human children that your matriarch gives birth to do not count towards the 100 baby total. You may not move out human children to make more space for occult children until they meet the normal requirements to be aged up into a young adult.
  • If your chosen occult has an betagternate form, your matriarch and all her children must always be in their human form whenever they leave the lot.
  • You may not tip off Sims outside the household that anyone in your household is an occult. If occult-related socials are used or if a Sim discovers that anyone in your household is an occult, they must be banished from the home immediately and never be socialized with again. Feel free to get creative with how your family protects their secret. Have your aliens wipe memories or your vampires compel for a deep drink, etc.

Other Notes:

This took me forever to figure out. I got really frustrated because I couldn’t get my alien male pregnant via abduction. Turns out I was doing three things wrong.

  1. I was waiting for a moodlet to show up the next morning. It doesn’t show up for 24 hours.
  2. I wasn’t WATCHING the male sim in question closely enough. The morning after, there are signs that the abduction was successful – glowy tummy and ?baby? thought bubbles.
  3. I was using an alien. I’m not sure they CAN get pregnant through abduction. I switched to a human sim, and things started working after that.

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