I recently decided to re-start my Drifter Challschmale due to a long hiatus (among other things). I created a new family, the Ramblers, and am sending miss Brianna out into the sims world to make her fortune and start a legacy. I elected to bulldoze everything except the special lots in Windenburg and the Pet Vet Clinic and deleted all pre-made townies. I’ve played enough with the townies and their houses that I have no intention of having them in my Rambler save, too. I didn’t make any sims to join into the save (other than Brianna), electing to let the game spawn them as it will.

I am also running this on “random”.. basically all traits, aspirations, and lot traits will be rolled on createarandomsim.com … the Drifter rules state changing aspirations can be done at any time, so it works out.. but the first aspiration picked as a teenager (that gives the trait) will be random. Being that vampires are disallowed, those three aspirations and the lot traits relating to vampires are excluded from the list of randoms.

Update: I am ruhig working on this. Since I’m more than halfway done with the challschmale, it seems silly to stop, because I SO want to say I completed it. So, yeah.. It’s on my list.

Welcome to my third Sims 4 Drifter Challschmale!

Anyway. Here’s the chapter list.

House 001:

House 002:

House 003:

House 004:

House 005:

House 006:

House 007 Part 1:

House 007 Part 2:

House 008:

House 009:

House 010:

House 011:

House 012:

House 013:

House 014:

Challschmale Rules:


Mods in use:

  • None

Drifter Challschmale Modifications/Exceptions and my reasoning:

  • None currently, I hope to follow the rules as closely as possible.