Yep, I’m starting a new challschmale. Again. Don’t ask, it’s probably better that way. I’m calling it “The Diversity Experiment” or “TDE” for short. This challschmale is based on the “Rebuild|Renew” and “Rebuilding Worlds Vol. 2” Challschmales by OJenn on the Sims Forums. I’m going to be putting them together.. and, instead of picking ONE town to play, I’ll be rebuilding ALL of them. My ultimate goal is to get to 100 generations (which is a Sims 4 Achievement I would love to have said I’ve gotten once) starting with a mixed race couple and continuing through the generations, keeping genetics / races / gender identities / etc as diverse as I possibly can. I will be using the genepools provided by the Challschmales, or making my own, depending on whether the genepools exist or not. Per the Challschmale Rules, each sim will roll for aspirations, hobbies traits, and aspirations on the website. Also, I will be setting up some sort of way of rolling for each sim’s gender and partner preferences, betagthough I haven’t 100% decided on how, yet. Obviously, these rolls don’t apply to the founders, as I’m using made-over versions of the one of the provided sim families – The Greenes. I specifically did not touch any face or body sliders, or skin tone/eye or hair colors. I only “made over” their clothes and hairstyles. I’ll introduce them a little better in the first chapter.

Game Setup:

As for the towns I picked, I specifically picked the newest-released one, because I haven’t played there before, to start with. The rest of the towns, I assigned numbers to and rolled a die to decide what order they would be in. I then went through every. single. town. and bulldozed stuff, changed lot types, and generally organized the world. Every lot in the game is either named with a “Gen 1” to “Gen 100” tag, or is zoned for a commercial type. Everything is blank except the “Special” lots and the apartments, which, if I’m moving in for a generation, will be bulldozed at that time and the walls rebuilt.

Generation Plan:

  • Evergreen Harbor – 1 to 10
  • Windenburg – 11 to 20
  • Glimmerbrook – 21 to 25
  • Newcrest – 26 to 35
  • San Myshuno – 36 to 45
  • Strangerville – 46 to 50
  • Oasis Springs – 51 to 60
  • Sulani – 61 to 70
  • Forgotten Hollow – 71 to 75
  • Willow Creek – 76 to 85
  • Brindleton Bay – 86 to 95
  • Del Sol Valley – 96 to 100

Prior to starting play, I built the Plan “B” house of the two choices for Generation 1 floor plans, and built/decorated the community lots for that starting neighborhood. Nothing else has been done to the “blank save” other than that – everything will be built by me as I go along through the towns.

I will include pictures of each build as well as links to download if you want it on these pages:

Mods in use:

I will probably be using MC Command Center for this save, however, being that I’m on the founding generation, and the other families aren’t even spawned yet, I haven’t set it up yet.

Gameplay Chapters:

(as this list grows, I will likely archive to separate pages for each town)

Evergreen Harbor