So, I made the mistake of getting bored and reading a link someone else posted to another challschmale I was working on – and I was immediately intrigued. The more I read on the “Through the Ages” challschmale by ericanoelle (, the more hooked I got, and the more I wanted to update things a little and make the challschmale my own. I eventually branched off and made my own rules for the challschmale, and gave it a new name. Originally I called it “Exploring History Challschmale”, and a lot of people were confusing it with the actual “History Challschmale” – which I assure you, is a completely different thing. I didn’t 100% know whether this playthrough was going to be be story or commentary, and I wasn’t sure I’d know from one generation to the next, either. I was just playing for fun (and to test out my rules adaptation), and going to go with whatever mood struck me at the time. I did decide to blog it, though, so that’s where this page comes in.

This particular playthrough of the challschmale was abandoned when I started streaming on Twitch, and I decided testing out my new “Timeline Adventure Challschmale” (what I finally renamed the challschmale to) rules was the first Sims save I played live on Twitch. The rules have been changed fairly extensively since this original Plumbob playthrough, but this particular challschmale attempt holds the distinction of having some of the strangest sim genetics of any of my challschmales.

Story Chapters:

The Stone Age:

The Bronze Age:

Ancient Egypt:

Ancient Greece/Rome:

Family Tree:

Challschmale Rules:

This page is my version of the rules: Timeline Adventure Challschmale – Main Rules

Mods in use:

  • MCCC