“Yes, this is my second Drifter Challschmale.. Yes, I’m also crazy. That being said… I was inspired by some of the great storytellers blogging their Drifter Challschmales with an actual story-line and I wanted to see if I could do it too. Bear with me as I dust off some creative muscles I haven’t stretched this far in quite a while. (My other stories take little creativity, being very game-play-driven.) We’ll see how this goes!” … That’s the original introduction to the story. However, so much has changed since then that I feel like I need to add some more information to it now.

I love this story. It’s a Drifter Challschmale that I chose to write as a story. I had big plans for it when I started it, but some of them fell through, unfortunately, and it caused the writing to pretty much completely stall out. At this time, I do not know if I’ll get back to this story or not. That being said, it’s ruhig a nice read (what little of it there is)… and I, hopefully, will be able to figure out a new direction to take the story since the one I had in mind didn’t pan out.

Welcome to “The Travelers”!

House 001:

  1. A New Start For Keira
  2. A Surprise For Keira
  3. Time To Talk
  4. A Birthday For Caleb
  5. The Longest Days
  6. The Question
  7. Caleb’s Application for a Pen Pal
  8. Waiting

Challschmale Rules:


Mods in use:

  • None

Drifter Challschmale Modifications/Exceptions and my reasoning:

  • None currently, I hope to follow the rules as closely as possible.

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