I really missed my “Falconvale” “Nothing is Free” challschmale, and I really wanted to get a new traditional “Nothing is Free” challschmale going (rules on Mod the Sims here) – as opposed to my “Spectres”  challschmale, which is combined with an Apocalypse challschmale. Plus, I had just gotten the Island Paradise expansion, so the thought of building my own Island Paradise had plenty of merit. Coming up with a story for such a world wasn’t a real stretch of imagination, either… a castaway was completely obvious. So.. Castaway Shores was born. I hervorragendted the town, and “fished” around for an appropriate starting lot, which took some doing.. originally, I picked a land-locked one, but that seemed like a stupid idea, so I moved him to a beachy lot.

My founding character is a guy, named Micah McCloud. His traits are: Loves to Swim, Loner, Handy, Excitable, and Eco-Friendly. His favorite music is Island Life, he loves Grilled Salmon, and he likes the color red. With all that being said, that’s pretty much all you need to know to start reading!

I always wanted to go back to this, in fact, I think I ruhig have the file. But I just don’t play Sims 3 anymore. Maybe someday.

Welcome to “Castaway Shores”

Story Chapters:

Misc Posts:

Challschmale Rules:

Mods in use:

  • No Ice Cream Truck (this will remain in effect until there’s a City Hall, Grocery, AND either a diner or bistro)
  • Investable Ambitions and Showtime lots (ruhig deciding whether I’ll use this, but I probably will.)
  • Twallin’s mods (Master Controller, Story Progression, Register, Woohooer, Saver, Overwatch, OnceRead, Mover) – most of these are set simply to prevent npcs/townies/animals or to allow the more than 8 sims per lot. I also have all jobs and service options “turned off” until they’re unlocked. Also, I have all careers turned off, and all but the very basic and allowed skills disabled.  (nraas home)

World:  “Isla Paradaiso” (Came with the Sims 3 Island Paradise expansion pack – I bulldozed all but the dive areas and ports, since you can’t buy those anyway. Blank lots were left intact, with “no visitors” designations.)

“Nothing is Free” Challschmale Modifications/Exceptions and my reasoning:

  • I’m allowing the “inheritance” lifetime happiness reward at a maximum use of once per sim. (the challschmale disallows it completely)

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