“I’ve been wanting to do a History Challschmale for quite a while, and the new world coming out seems like the perfect excuse. My other new game is based solely on the Mermaids.. this one is based on Island Sims and the challschmale itself.”

When I started this challschmale, I had so many fun ideas floating around in my, admittedly, overactive imagination. I quickly started to find out it’s very hard to reconcile the game play with the story. There’s so many things that the challschmale asks you to do that are hard to reconcile with an understandable story. I have pulled this story back off hiatus, thankfully, and have been able to come up with ways to involve the challschmale rules into the story.

One final note: This story has a bit of a spin-off coming soon. Two members of this story will be setting off on their own to start a new challschmale/story. Expect to see this launching in the next month or two!

Welcome to “Island Spirits” – A Sulani History Challschmale

Story Chapters:

Generation 0 (Prehistoric Ancestors):

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Mods in use:

  • None currently – I thought about using MCC, but I couldn’t see downloading it and installing just for one save and having to fuss with figuring out how to keep it out of my other saves.