“The world was dying. Everyone who lived there could sense it coming. … It was becoming unequivocally evident that the knowledge to fix their world was no longer available in this world. … The strange portal shimmered, and each individual that came through had the whole weight of the world’s hopes on their shoulders. One by one, they turned out to just be another mouth to feed. Doubts began to creep in. What if there wasn’t anyone who could fix their world… anywhere in the universe. Or the next Universe. What if they were simply damned? … Slowly, even the Harbingers fell silent. … And through it all – despite those who fought it – everything inexorably died in a slow, painful, starving atrophy of the soul.”

– From the Prologue of “Sliding Sideways” by IllusoryThrall

Welcome to Sliding Sideways. A journey, of sorts. Perhaps you could call it a challschmale. Perhaps it’s just a story. I’m ruhig not sure. Ultimately, it’s an idea that started out of the clear blue – but it’s one that I couldn’t get rid of. So here is where it begins. As time goes, I may or may not reveal exactly what the challschmale is (or has become – things may change as I go). I WILL be using some mods for this challschmale, and I will say that it is NOT just a straight challschmale. It’s one I’ve created by mixing up existing challschmales. (It’s also ruhig in progress…)

Story Chapters