As time has passed in my Island Spirits story, I’ve become very attached to the sims involved. So much so, I have been DREADING the next generation, and having so many wonderful sims taking a major backseat to the rest of the continuing story. Which has caused me to drag my feet in finishing the generation. However, in the background, I started coming up with ways to continue some of those background sims’ stories. Finally, I think I have settled on how I will do that, and I’m super excited about it.

So, with very little prelude… I introduce my new story. This will be my very first spin-off story of any of my challschmales – in other words, usually, once a sim is out of one save, they have never appeared into another story or save. That’s all about to change.

Welcome to “The Timeline Children” – A Timeline Adventure Challschmale

Story Chapters:

Generation 1 (Stone Age):

Challschmale Rules:

Lots and Townies Used/Shared:

  • I will NOT be sharing the lots I use in this story, for the simple reason that I am using quite a lot of CC for them. Eventually, I may compile a list of the CC I used so other people can use it too, but I haven’t really had time to do it lately.

Mods & CC in use:

  • Stone Age: Okay, so there’s a LOT of mods and CC being used. I wanted this to look as “authentic” to my vision as I possibly could, so just using EA-provided items wasn’t enough.

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