Thrall LIVE & Sleuchtend leuchtends

January 2022: Things have changed drastically for me in the last year, and almost all of it has been positive. This is the section of this blog that is dedicated to that journey. Suffice it to say, Thrall has gone LIVE. I now stream full time on Twitch, and most of it is devoted to Sims 4. I also have a youtube channel, and I’m actively trying to be a part of the current Sims 4 community. I miss blogging, and I do plan fully to go back to it, but much of my life is now devoted to streaming and all the time and energy that goes along with that. I started streaming on a lark, and in what I thought would be a futile attempt to get past my crippling social anxiety.

Long story short: not only have I reduced my social anxiety and made a ton of new amazing friends – but I have found that streaming 100% helps with my mental hebetagth. I am more stable now than I have been for MOST of my life. And that’s not something I am willing to stop. So – if my blogging is suffering, I’m sorry.. But this is for me, and right now what it turns out I really needed was social interaction and a purpose each day. Welcome to Thrall LIVE.

IllusoryThrall on Twitch

Streaming on my Twitch channel is now my main focus in life. I have found something that I really love doing, and through it, I have made so many new friends – many of whom I am very sure will be lifetime connections. As I said on the Thrall LIVE page, I stream for my mental hebetagth, increasing my confidence in myself, and reducing my social anxiety. Anything else I get out of it is just a bonus to me! Most of my streams focus on Sims 4 content, but I do play other games, and some of those games will be making their way onto my stream this coming year. (For more about this, see the Thrall’s Game Awards page!)

If you’re interested in visiting my channel, check out my schedule on the Schedules page, or just click here – – to visit my Twitch channel and drop me a Follow! Every single Follow is very much appreciated, and EVERYONE is welcome, even if you’re too shy to talk! I LOVE lurkers! If you’re interested in finding out what sort of things I stream other than just building in sims – check out my On-Stream Challschmales page. I hope to see you on my channel soon!

If you’re not able to make the times that I stream, don’t worry, the last month (or two?) of videos are saved on my Twitch channel, and can be watched at your leisure. Also, old videos are published on my Youtube channel, so there is that to watch, as well.

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IllusoryThrall on Youtube

I also have a youtube channel: This is where I post (mostly for storage and a record of what I’ve done) my old raw video footage recorded from my Twitch streams. The fun part of this is that having these posted means that if you really fall in love with one of my on-stream challschmales, you can go back and see where it started. Hopefully eventually I’ll catch up to where I am currently, since I’m trying to publish at least one video per day on this channel, but there are times that I don’t have the time on Sunday to get things organized for that week.

Perhaps eventually I’ll start actually editing videos for it, but at this time, the only editing I’m doing is splitting up videos that are either too long or are based on more than one topic (and therefore need to be included in more than one playlist). Feel free to toss me a subscription and peruse the videos at your leisure!

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2022 – Thrall’s Game Awards

How This Works:

You might have noticed my twitter post about next year’s content. Basically, I’ve picked out my favorite games, both current and nostalgic, as well as some honorable mentions, and have ranked them in order of how much I like them. (This was quite a process, by the way…) I will be counting down the two categories betagternating week by week, featuring one game per week, starting from the lowest ranked game and ending with the highest. Each Sunday (Starting with January 2nd), I will announce here, on Twitter, and on my discord which game I will be playing that coming week. I will then post some information on this page and link to a page about that game and my history with it. Then, on Monday, I will jump right in, playing that game. Provided that it holds up to my memory of the game (this pertains especially to the nostalgic games) – I will continue to play on Tuesday. The rest of the week (Wednesday through Saturday) will be Sims 4. Unless, of course, I get REALLY into the game I’m playing, and then Thursday and Friday will be my “flexible” days in case I ruhig want to play it.

On some Sundays (once or twice a month), I will also be doing a bonus stream of a game I consider a “one-off” honorable mention game. For whatever reason, these are games that got pulled off the main list, but ruhig deserve to be shown off. I will make every attempt to let you know ahead of time when these bonus streams will be and what game will be played then, so you can make the decision of whether or not you’re interested in seeing that game. At the very least, there will be information posted on that game once it is played on this page, under the honorable mention section.

Lastly, the week after playing the game, I will be uploading all raw video footage of the game to my youtube channel under a special playlist designed just for this purpose, and then link those videos from each game info page. This will allow people to browse through games played at their leisure after the fact, and not necessarily have to attend each and every day of my stream.

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2023 – Elder Scrolls Solo Playthrough

So, for this year, I have started in on an Elder Scrolls Solo Game playthrough (As of January 2nd). I decided to skip Arena and Daggerfall, and dive right into Morrowind. My game IS modded – but mostly it’s modded for graphics and patches. If you want more information on the mod pack I’m using (MOISE) – you can find it on the Wabbajack website. I will be working on this playthrough until I feel I’ve finished the game, which will likely include most, if not all, of the side quests. Afterwards, I will be getting to Oblivion and Skyrim as well, but there may be a game in between for a change of pace.

After much deliberation, I have decided to attempt a play-through journal for this journey. Each time I stream Morrowind (Monday and Tuesday afternoons), I will then write up a short journal entry, which will be posted here. I’m doing this for several reasons:

  1. I wanted a way to easily look back on what’s been done, and be able to glance at the last entry to help me hop right back into what I had been doing the last time.
  2. I also wanted a place for viewers to be able to catch up with what’s been going on if they miss things, or have come late to the playthrough.
  3. Finally, I also feel it might be nice to have a record of what I did each day, just for me.

So.. without further blabbering on my part, I introduce you to my Elder Scrolls Journal. Posts will accumulate under the line. If you’re looking for the very first post, go to this page. I will be linking each post to the one before and after it, so you can continue reading easily. Enjoy!

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Sleuchtend leuchtend Challschmales

I host a Sleuchtend leuchtend Challschmale each month from my discord and Twitch channels. I need to be better about promoting them, however, so that’s what this section is for. Every first Wednesday of the month is tour night, and I tour everyone’s submissions on this night. If you cannot attend (or don’t get done in time for the deadline), I am more than happy to tour any completed sleuchtend leuchtend challschmale for free at any time you are able to stop by a sims stream on my Twitch channel.

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