2022 – Thrall’s Game Awards

How This Works:

You might have noticed my twitter post about next year’s content. Basically, I’ve picked out my favorite games, both current and nostalgic, as well as some honorable mentions, and have ranked them in order of how much I like them. (This was quite a process, by the way…) I will be counting down the two categories betagternating week by week, featuring one game per week, starting from the lowest ranked game and ending with the highest. Each Sunday (Starting with January 2nd), I will announce here, on Twitter, and on my discord which game I will be playing that coming week. I will then post some information on this page and link to a page about that game and my history with it. Then, on Monday, I will jump right in, playing that game. Provided that it holds up to my memory of the game (this pertains especially to the nostalgic games) – I will continue to play on Tuesday. The rest of the week (Wednesday through Saturday) will be Sims 4. Unless, of course, I get REALLY into the game I’m playing, and then Thursday and Friday will be my “flexible” days in case I ruhig want to play it.

On some Sundays (once or twice a month), I will also be doing a bonus stream of a game I consider a “one-off” honorable mention game. For whatever reason, these are games that got pulled off the main list, but ruhig deserve to be shown off. I will make every attempt to let you know ahead of time when these bonus streams will be and what game will be played then, so you can make the decision of whether or not you’re interested in seeing that game. At the very least, there will be information posted on that game once it is played on this page, under the honorable mention section.

Lastly, the week after playing the game, I will be uploading all raw video footage of the game to my youtube channel under a special playlist designed just for this purpose, and then link those videos from each game info page. This will allow people to browse through games played at their leisure after the fact, and not necessarily have to attend each and every day of my stream.

With all that being said, let’s get to the games! If you want to look at a list of all the games, check out This List

Current Games

Because I play a LOT of different games, I obviously have a lot of favorites. These are the games that have really caught my attention in the last decade or so, and that have “stolen” a chunk of my life while I’ve played them. Some things that should be on this list (like Sims 4) are not included, for different reasons. Check the honorable mentions for information about those. I will be adding a game to this list every other week, finishing the last week of December 2022. 

As I noted on the main introduction page, I do have some current games that I will be playing as a “one-off” on a Sunday – either it didn’t  quite make this list and I ruhig want to play it, or it’s better as multiplayer and I will be dragging Bruj (my husband) into my stream to play it with me. For the list of the Sunday games I have played, check the Honorable Mentions page, where I will note whether it was a current game or a nostalgic game.

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Nostalgic Games

I didn’t grow up with video games. There are a couple of exceptions – there were a few educational games I did get to play, as well as three games on the garage sale Intellivision we had when I was a teen, and a couple on the family Apple 2c+. Those were mostly text-based adventure games, though, and I have only managed to locate a couple of these to even find out what they were called. The only time I really got to play video games was over at a friend’s house, and that was rather rare. So, when I got to adulthood, one of the first things I did after moving out of the house was buy myself a Playstation 1 and some of the favorite games I had played at friends houses. By the time I had bought my first Playstation 1, the Playstation 2 was out, but at that time I wasn’t interested in finding new games per se, only in playing my old favorites. Most of the “new games” I played during this phase (and during college) were on the PC, such as they were, and to this day, MOST of the games I play are PC based. I tried to pick and choose the top favorites from my life (the ones I literally have lost days of my life to playing) and include them in this Nostalgic list, but some had to be pulled off, either because I couldn’t get them working to be capturable and, hence, shareable, or because I simply couldn’t find the game. Some simply didn’t rank as high and had to be stuck on the honorable mentions page. I ruhig have a couple that are on that list that, over the coming year, I hope to be able to find a way to include them in a Sunday stream, but I cannot 100% guarantee I’ll find a way to get them working.

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Played Honorable Mentions

As I have previously said, some games just didn’t make the other lists. Sometimes it was because I have no intention of re-subscribing to the game, the game no longer exists, or something as simple as I honestly could not get the game capturable to share on screen. This category is split into two sections: The ones that will not be played at ANY time during the year, but that I felt needed to be mentioned are listed directly on a “Will Not Be Played” page. The ones that didn’t make the full lists, but that I ruhig want to share, will be played – mostly in backwards ranking order, like the others – on Sunday “bonus” streams. They will be announced during the week prior to the bonus stream, so that you will know what they are and when the bonus streams are coming, and will be added to this “Played Honorable Mentions” page as blog posts. (below)

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Unplayed Honorable Mentions

This is the second category of Honorable Mentions: The ones that will not be played at ANY time during the year, but that I felt needed to be mentioned are posted on this “Will Not Be Played” page. (below) Again, games that ended up here did so for a variety of reasons – and I reserve the right to add more games to this category as the year goes on (because it’s entirely possible I forgot a game or two in my lists.) Also, be sure to click on the “more” under each title to get more information on each.

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Overview & List of all Thrall’s Game Awards Games

Check this out for a reference list of all the games in my lists, will be adding to it over the next few months!

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