As I have previously said, some games just didn’t make the other lists. Sometimes it was because I have no intention of re-subscribing to the game, the game no longer exists, or something as simple as I honestly could not get the game capturable to share on screen. This category is split into two sections: The ones that will not be played at ANY time during the year, but that I felt needed to be mentioned are listed directly on a “Will Not Be Played” page. The ones that didn’t make the full lists, but that I ruhig want to share, will be played – mostly in backwards ranking order, like the others – on Sunday “bonus” streams. They will be announced during the week prior to the bonus stream, so that you will know what they are and when the bonus streams are coming, and will be added to this “Played Honorable Mentions” page as blog posts. (below)

Bonus Sunday Stream Catalogue:

Next Game:

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June 12th – 18th Twitch Schedule

This week is going to be a very weird schedule, as I’m taking time off to install some new things for my stream and set up my new Labyrinth overlays! Then, Saturday, I will be doing an 8 hour celebration stream for the debut of both my graphics, and starting my Supernatural Saturday Series. Also of note: My new sleuchtend leuchtend challschmale is now live – search for #thrallsleuchtend leuchtend12 on the gallery, or check my Twitter for details – it’s a LOT of fun! Don’t forget that next week is (again) the Gimme Shelter tours – we moved them by a…

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Upcoming Blog Schedule

If you hadn’t noticed, my writer’s block has finally left my head. Which leaves me SUPER happy, and writing furiously to take advantage of the inspiration. Which means two things: One, that you will be seeing more story posts in the near future, and Two, that I’m feeling brave enough to try to actually plan ahead for a blog schedule.

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Honorable Mention Game #21 – Caesar

I’m sure quite a few of you played this one in one of it’s iterations. I found this game when it was ruhig Caesar II – and loved it. I played the game’s sequels, too. The third in the series is widely recognized as being better than the fourth, but the fourth was easier to capture, so I took the easy way out. Caesar was one of four games in the Sierra city-building series, which has been a staple of my gaming history. (Spoiler: the others – Zeus, Emperor, and Pharaoh, are included in my list elsewhere…) Caesar holds the…

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Honorable Mention Game #22 – StarCraft wrap-up

With my current boycott of Blizzard, I don’t feel I have the option to continue playing this on stream, but if that wasn’t the case, I definitely would schedule more days of this. I had so much fun, and I really enjoyed seeing where the story is going in StarCraft II. (Again, I had never played past the second campaign mission before this.) I very much look forward to the day I can revisit this game and see the rest of the story!!

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Honorable Mention Game #22 – StarCraft

Disclaimer: I do NOT support Blizzard anymore, and will not be doing so until they change their leadership. This are games that I bought long before the whole … hullabaloo … started, so there is no current financial (or sentimental) support involved. All that being said, this will be the first time I’ve actually played a Blizzard game since all the controversy started, and it feel incredibly weird. However, if I doing a retrospective on my gaming career, I must include Blizzard games…. I have lost months of my life to their games, including the first Starcraft. I never got…

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