IllusoryThrall on Twitch

Streaming on my Twitch channel is now my main focus in life. I have found something that I really love doing, and through it, I have made so many new friends – many of whom I am very sure will be lifetime connections. As I said on the Thrall LIVE page, I stream for my mental hebetagth, increasing my confidence in myself, and reducing my social anxiety. Anything else I get out of it is just a bonus to me! Most of my streams focus on Sims 4 content, but I do play other games, and some of those games will be making their way onto my stream this coming year. (For more about this, see the Thrall’s Game Awards page!)

If you’re interested in visiting my channel, check out my schedule on the Schedules page, or just click here – – to visit my Twitch channel and drop me a Follow! Every single Follow is very much appreciated, and EVERYONE is welcome, even if you’re too shy to talk! I LOVE lurkers! If you’re interested in finding out what sort of things I stream other than just building in sims – check out my On-Stream Challschmales page. I hope to see you on my channel soon!

If you’re not able to make the times that I stream, don’t worry, the last month (or two?) of videos are saved on my Twitch channel, and can be watched at your leisure. Also, old videos are published on my Youtube channel, so there is that to watch, as well.

On-Stream Challschmales

As much as I love building, in a way, I love gameplay more. So it only makes sense that I tend towards playing gameplay challschmales on stream. I have found a certain freedom in doing challschmales on-screen, because it means it’s captured for all time whether or not I took pictures or notes. I have even done some of my blogged challschmales on stream, trying to remember to take pictures, then publishing them later… but I’ve found that harder to do than one would think. The difficulty is in remembering to take the pictures while concentrating on playing and interacting with chat at the same time. I am trying to get caught up on publishing my old recorded videos on these challschmales to youtube so everyone can see where each challschmale started from, but there’s a lot to go through, and setting things up is time-consuming. (More on that on my youtube page.)

On these pages, I’m going to write up descriptions on each challschmale, and where it came from, hopefully adding more info as time goes on. I will also link the youtube playlist of the beginning of each challschmale. Of all these challschmales, only one of them can be considered “complete” – and that one may get a reprise eventually (the Hoarders challschmale). The rest have quite a ways to go. I try to rotate between the most important ones on my “Sims Challschmale” stream days (Currently – Thursday and Fridays). Some are currently retired, or were just temporary challschmales – and a couple of those I didn’t even bother listing. (The Dream Home Decorator rags to riches I started at one point is the one that comes to mind here.) For obvious reasons, this list may change at any given time, but I’ll try to keep it up to date.

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My schedule has changed quite a lot since I started streaming, but I think I finally have it in a place where I can say it’s pretty stable. At this time, I publish a main schedule monthly with any exceptions listed, and then announce the Game of the Week on each Sunday as the week starts. Anytime the posted schedule changes, I post both here on my blog, and to twitter and discord so everyone knows what’s happening.

Current Base Schedule:

Mondays & Tuesdays 1-5 pm:
  • Thrall’s Game Awards Game of the week (counting down from last to first place!!)
Wednesdays 5-10 pm:
  • Interactive Asylum Challschmale
Thursdays & Fridays 1-5 pm: 
  • Current Sim Challschmale (see my on-stream challschmales for the rotation)
Saturdays 1-5 pm:
  • Supernatural Saturdays (Sims 4)
Tuesdays & Saturdays 7-11 pm:
  • ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) with Bruj, my hubby. On Tuesdays we’re on my Twitch channel, on Saturday we’re on his (
  • First Wednesday of the month: Sleuchtend leuchtend tours
  • Last Saturday of the month: Community Games
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Twitch Channel Information

Channel Point Rewards

  • First, Get Your Daily Tea, and Turn Your Daily Teas Into VIP: All of these refer to the “Daily Tea” currency. You can get one of these by the “Get Your Daily Tea” reward once per stream. (Not per day, but per stream!) You get a bonus Tea by getting here to redeem the “First!” reward, and can also win more through ranking up in view hours (See “Channel Ranks”) When you have 150 Daily Teas (and you are NOT a mod or already VIP) – Redeem the last reward mentioned, and you will automatically become a channel VIP! To find out how many you have if you missed the last message, type !dailyteas in chat. If curious, you can also type !top10dailyteas to find out the leaders.
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