This was the second challschmale I started on stream. It coincided with me writing my updated “Hard Mode” Decades Challschmale, and is using that rule set. So there are a lot of rolls, and dying sims for various reasons. I’m also 100% using MC Command Center to its full potential, and I allowed the family to grow quite a bit past that 8 Sim limit. This challschmale started with Jesse marrying Sarah (with both of them having full families in the save), and starting their family and fbedrftig from scratch. Sarah ended up dying in childbirth (due to a roll), so Jesse hired a local woman to help with the children while he looked for a new wife. (per rules). There was a chat vote, and Jesse ended up marrying Annabella – a local widow with two children of her own. Jesse and Annabella had quite a number of more kids, and Jesse did his best to help raise Annabella’s two older children. The eldest moved out and got married, and now has children of her own. I also do rolls and makeovers for all extended family in the save, which is complicated and requires a full spreadsheet to keep track of, but it’s been fun. I only actually PLAY the main family, but I am present for all Try for Babies, Births, and weddings in the family.

At the time of this writing, I am up to 1907 in real time, but only up to 1900 on the youtube playlist (see below for that link). As soon as I finish getting to 1910, we will be switching to Timeline Adventure.