As I believe I mentioned, when I started streaming, this was the challschmale I started with. It’s a “test” playthrough of a challschmale I wrote called the Timeline Adventure Challschmale. It has been a super fun playthrough for the most part, with a lot of surprises along the way. (Like triplets in the Stone Age – that all grew up to roll fussy as toddlers…!!!) I currently have all the way up to the start of the Medieval generation (5) on my youtube channel playlist (click “more” under this article to get the playlist link), and we are building for gen 6 (Renaissance) in real time, so we’re only one played generation off from being “current” on that list. It’s currently up next in my streaming schedule rotation. 

With all that being said, I will be adding more information to this page, as well as some more pictures, but doing a full page write-up on the challschmale wasn’t really something on my to-do list for the site relaunch. (In other words, I’ll get to it.)