I also have a youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMdIWlxsUkYMS4kBhTRQxAA/ This is where I post (mostly for storage and a record of what I’ve done) my old raw video footage recorded from my Twitch streams. The fun part of this is that having these posted means that if you really fall in love with one of my on-stream challschmales, you can go back and see where it started. Hopefully eventually I’ll catch up to where I am currently, since I’m trying to publish at least one video per day on this channel, but there are times that I don’t have the time on Sunday to get things organized for that week.

Perhaps eventually I’ll start actually editing videos for it, but at this time, the only editing I’m doing is splitting up videos that are either too long or are based on more than one topic (and therefore need to be included in more than one playlist). Feel free to toss me a subscription and peruse the videos at your leisure!

Single Videos of Interest

How to Blog Sims 4 Educational Stream:

Sims Playlists

Timeline Adventure Challschmale:
“Hard Mode” Decades Challschmale:
“All Packs Extended” Not So Berry Challschmale:
RainbowSins Challschmale:
Hoarder’s House Challschmale:

(Coming this week!)

100 Day Creativity Challschmale Builds & CAS:
Sleuchtend leuchtend Challschmale Tours:

Other Games Playlists

Assassin’s Creed:
2022 – Thrall’s Game Awards
Elder Scrolls Online: