There’s quite a lot of collectibles in Sims 4. And finding them isn’t always the most comprehensive thing to do. So I decided to make a one-stop-shop sorta page for all the collections. (And another one here for the Non-Collections and Craftables) With that being said, I decided very early in the whole process that this was going to HAVE to be separated into one page per collection, or it was going to be SUPER hard to navigate. So.. that’s what I’ve done.* (Click “more” below this to see the list of collections and get started on finding them!)

Collections: Frogs | Gardening | MySims Trophies | Metals | Crystals | Elements | Postcards | Fossils | Microscope Prints | Space Prints | Aliens | Space Rocks | Fish | Insects | Geodes | Easter Eggs | Experimental Food Photos | Voidcritters | Sugar Skulls | City Posters | Snow Globes | Holiday Cracker Plushies | Magic Beans | Feathers | Ancient Omiscan Artifacts | Omiscan Treasures | Positivity Posters | Seasleuchtend leuchtends | Buried Treasures | Magical Artifacts | Lightsaber Parts | Batuu Records | Simmies | Village Fair Ribbons | Message In A Bottle | Moonwood Relics

*This guide is NOT complete, I will link in each collection as soon as it’s done! Also: These are listed in the order they’re listed in the collection helper in the game – including all of the individual collectibles, to make it easier to track them.